Social Enterprise Startups

Grants for Social Enterprise Startups All Over the World

Many of our assistance programs contain grants (money that you don’t have to pay back), and we’re always delighted to refer you to additional sources of financing.

What financial resources are accessible to social entrepreneurs?

There are several organizations that provide grants to social companies, charities, and community initiatives, as well as those that provide social investment. This page lists the contact information for a variety of organizations that provide this sort of assistance. Because these financing sources are always changing, this list is only a starting point. We’ve also added grant information and search providers to assist you in finding new funding sources for social entrepreneurs, charities, and community initiatives.

Entrepreneurship Fellowships and Leadership Development Programs at Echoing Green

Today’s transformational leaders are identified by Echoing Green. Echoing Green identifies and invests in emerging leaders through its Fellowships and other creative leadership programs. They assist visionaries all over the world who are working to improve their communities via economic growth, racial and gender justice, environmental sustainability, and other initiatives. They finance a new class of fellows every year, and this year they are offering more than 4.6 million USD in unrestricted seed-stage investment and strategic foundational assistance for rising leaders trying to make a difference. They believe in putting their money into and supporting the appropriate individuals as well as their company ideas. Their social entrepreneurship fellows work on a variety of topics all throughout the world.

Grants from the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

This foundation was created in 2002 on the concept in the power of invention and the premise that passionate individuals with outstanding ideas can transform the world with bold support. Early finance and rigorous assistance are provided by this worldwide venture philanthropy business to early-stage, high-impact social companies. They seek out, invest, and assist extraordinary leaders who have ground-breaking, high-impact ideas with the potential to scale. Currently, they assist groups that provide crucial access to healthcare, education, food security, social justice, water and sanitation, transparency and accountability, and housing both locally and globally. With the help of 50 donor partners, they have already invested in 142 social companies.

Investing in CAN

CAN Invest, a registered charity that also operates as a social company, provides finance and business support to voluntary, community, and social companies in order to help them create sustainable businesses. They are dedicated to assisting other charities and social enterprises in thriving, growing, and maximizing their impact. This nonprofit attempts to help social entrepreneurs grow by providing business support, financing, and cheap office space. Their ambition is for a strong social enterprise market to support a healthy social economy, and they want to assist social entrepreneurs in achieving this.

RSF Finance has been challenging preconceptions about how money works since 1984, collaborating with partners and clients to develop new models of collaboration, new products, and innovative methods of engaging with finance. Inquiry and conversation, they argue, are critical to changing people’s attitudes regarding money and shifting the economy toward more equality. They also allow entrepreneurs to better understand the significance of money in their lives and participate with it in more meaningful ways. They develop breakthrough ideas as well as intersections of social change and finance thanks to their extremely entrepreneurial culture and distinctive work strategy. Each year, RSF awards grants to social entrepreneurs.